LinkedIn ProFinder: What It Is And How It Works


For a long time, LinkedIn has been the most prominent social networking site for professionals. It acts similarly to popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but its target demographic is more specific, and its function is well-defined: it helps professionals, freelancers, and brands connect with one another with the purpose of finding leads and building strong relationships.

LinkedIn ProFinder

The LinkedIn ProFinder expands on this function by giving professionals a platform to provide skillful resources and assistance needed by their members. ProFinder is essentially a ‘marketplace’ for professional services. It helps users find the best freelance or independent professionals in the area.

As LinkedIn is a well-known and trusted platform, users of LinkedIn ProFinder can find reliable help for a wide range of needs. ProFinder offers easy and professional service in IT, design, writing, editing, marketing, business consultations, legal consultations, and more. Instead of heading to platforms such as UpWork or, you can hire people from within your own Network, based on what kind of service you currently need.

ProFinder also lets users find service providers that are vetted socially on LinkedIn via their recommendations. ProFinder includes a curated network of “Pros” to offer you their quotes. This means you can avail of their services directly. LinkedIn makes the process that much easier.

LinkedIn ProFinder is free for consumers to use. For freelancers and service providers, they can subscribe to the plan that best suits their needs. This is a very convenient way to connect with potential clients. Do take note that the service is currently only available within the US and within specific service categories. That said, any LinkedIn member from any valid US zip code can file a request for a service.

Right from Your LinkedIn Page

You can find LinkedIn ProFinder from your LinkedIn homepage. Use of LinkedIn ProFinder is governed by the LinkedIn User Agreement, LinkedIn’s Privacy Policy, and the ProFinder Terms and Conditions.

LinkedIn’s aim with ProFinder is to help users get responses from highly qualified, local professionals as soon as possible. Ideally, you should get up to five responses from qualified service providers within 24 business hours of your request submission.

LinkedIn ProFinder is designed to match freelancers with potential clients looking for their services. Some factors that are considered when evaluating independent professionals to join LinkedIn’s freelance marketplace are the following:

Are you a freelance or independent professional?

Are you experienced in your industry?

Is it clear from your profile what kind of clients you serve?

Just like on the main LinkedIn page, ProFinder service providers will have to complete their profile before they could get opportunities. It is an essential step for freelancers, as the profile is one of the first things potential clients will see. Building a successful profile includes adding a photo, a headline, and writing a summary. These sections will increase the likeliness of making a great first impression on potential clients. It just might land them their first few projects.

When creating a ProFinder profile, service providers will want to include relevant information about the services they can provide, whatever it may be. Whether they are a writer, an editor, a graphic designer, or in IT, it needs to be clear from the get-go that this is the type of service you provide. You can add up to 10 services to your ProFinder profile. Some information in your LinkedIn profile will carry over to your ProFinder profile.

If you need to edit a website, location, or any other detail on your ProFinder profile, you will have to update this information on your LinkedIn profile first, before it can reflect on your ProFinder profile. So in many ways, ProFinder is an extension of LinkedIn. If used properly, it can help freelancers secure future projects, and it can help LinkedIn users find the help that they need within their own network or near them.

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