Does LinkedIn Automatically Repost Jobs?


LinkedIn is designed to help business and career professionals connect and create beneficial relationships. And while more and more people are using LinkedIn for B2B marketing, it remains one of the best and most reliable channels for recruiters looking for highly qualified candidates.

Recruiters can use LinkedIn to create and post jobs to reach jobseekers more easily. With over 706 million users around the world, this social networking platform is the best place to advertise open job positions.

Jobseekers can also look for these opportunities using LinkedIn themselves. Job posts can be recommended to potential candidates through their email, and they may also receive mobile push notifications when relevant jobs are posted. The “Jobs You May Be Interested In” feature is great for job hunting as well.

LinkedIn is ideal for finding qualified candidates because of its wide pool of professionals. Recruiters can even look for the perfect candidates manually. There are advanced search options and features available through LinkedIn Recruiter, which makes the process much easier.

Does LinkedIn Automatically Repost Jobs?

If you post a job on LinkedIn, your job posting will remain open and active until you close it yourself. It will also auto-close after six months. Recruiters will continue to be billed until the job is closed.

While LinkedIn does not automatically repost jobs, recruiters can repost a job at any time after closing. Closing a job and then reposting it means that it will be treated as a new job posting. Upon doing this, all applicant information that was previously gathered will be associated with the closed job listing.

To repost a closed, expired, or modified version of a job:

  • Go to the ‘Manage job posts’ page, which is found after clicking the ‘Jobs’ icon at the top of the LinkedIn homepage 
  • Select the job you want to repost by clicking the ‘Closed’ tab
  • Click the ‘More’ icon on the right side of the title and select ‘Repost Job’. You can then make the necessary adjustments to the job post
  • Click ‘Proceed to checkout
  • Finally, review the order details before posting the job. It shows your daily budget, total budget, as well as other details. Your chosen payment method will appear here
  • Click ‘Post Job

Because this repost will be treated as a new job, prior applicants from the closed job will not be included in your new posting. You may still view them by looking at the closed posting.

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn​

LinkedIn is focused on building professional and business relationships. If it is your first time posting a job on LinkedIn, just follow the steps listed below to start looking for the best candidates for your company.

  • Click the ‘Jobs’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn home page
  • Next, click the ‘Post’ a job option. If you are using LinkedIn Recruiter, you may be taken to a page with your different contract options
  • You will find the ‘Job Details’ page, where you need to enter a job description in the text box and also specify the skills needed for the job
  • Click ‘Continue
  • The Applicant Options page will give you various options for receiving and screening applicants. You may add screening questions that will help you identify the top applicants that meet your preferred qualifications
  • After clicking the ‘Promote job’ button, you have to add your credit card details on the checkout page. Make sure to review the order details before posting your job. Just like when reposting a job, you will see your daily budget, total budget, etc.
  • Click ‘Post job

Use LinkedIn to narrow down the field of applicants and find those who are matched for the job. Don’t waste your time wading through hundreds of applications that don’t meet your needs. LinkedIn offers the most comprehensive view of candidates — it’s far more reliable than simple resumes because you can also see their content, testimonials, skills, etc.

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