Can You Post Real Estate Listings On LinkedIn?


When it comes to business-oriented social networking sites, LinkedIn is at the top of the game. Real estate agents and realtors would greatly benefit from using this platform proactively. In fact, LinkedIn should be an integral part of your lead generation efforts. Every real estate professional should consider being more active on LinkedIn. There are so many things you can do here to boost your career. You can even use LinkedIn to post real estate listings.

Should You Post Real Estate Listings on LinkedIn​

Yes, you can post real estate listings on LinkedIn. And judging by the platform’s massive reach, you definitely should. LinkedIn’s professional appeal gives it an edge over popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Because it has fewer social posts, marketing posts gain a lot of traction. LinkedIn is also the perfect platform for realtors because the user base consists of people who commonly buy or sell houses.

The majority of LinkedIn users—77 percent—are age 30 and older. 90 percent of LinkedIn users also make household decisions, such as buying a new house. Nearly half earn more than $75,000 per year, meaning they have the capacity to purchase homes.

In fact, LinkedIn’s demographics align neatly with the National Association of Realtors or NAR’s profile of the average home seller and buyer.

LinkedIn offers a direct line to the people you want to connect with. Here you’ll find a gold mine of prospects that may be looking to buy or sell a property. But LinkedIn can also be used to showcase your property listings in a forum targeted to your audience.

Why People Want to See Real Estate Listings on LinkedIn​

People don’t necessarily go to LinkedIn to view real estate listings: but they view them when they are interested. A lot of professionals like to see nice looking homes because it gives them something to be inspired by. Since the people on LinkedIn are already in a professional mindset while browsing on LinkedIn, they can see your real estate listings and get inspired.

Some people want to purchase a house so that they have a place to raise their children. Some want to have space for their family. Some are interested in renovations and designing their own place. As a real estate agent, you want to find these people and connect with them.

You Have a Right to Post Your Business on LinkedIn

If insurance agents can post about their insurance plans, and car salesmen can post about their cars, then there is nothing stopping you from posting your real estate listings on LinkedIn. But since you’re posting on LinkedIn anyway, might as well do it right: make sure that your real estate listings don’t make up the majority of your LinkedIn posts. While these listings may catch the attention of some people, it’s not the only thing you should be posting.

In fact, content is very important in LinkedIn. You want to post tips, information, guides, and other valuable content that people can learn from. Not only will this attract their attention, it will also establish you as a thought leader in real estate. It will build your credibility, and show that you are a trustworthy person to work with.

Try to keep a healthy balance between real estate listings and high value content. You don’t want to be selling to people all the time, because this might annoy them. Sometimes it is better to let them come to you.

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