How Can I View A LinkedIn Profile Without Them Knowing?


LinkedIn is an effective business and career tool for those who want to accomplish their professional goals. It gives users the flexibility to adjust their settings as they desire, depending on what they want to achieve on the platform. The most successful people on LinkedIn often use Sales Enablement to grow their network.

If you want to browse profiles on LinkedIn anonymously, you can change your privacy settings in just a matter of minutes. People may have different reasons for wanting to go anonymous, but regardless of your goals, you can use LinkedIn’s profile viewing options to quickly switch from visible to hidden.

How to View Someone's LinkedIn Profile without Them Knowing

Take note that the default setting is displaying your name and basic information when you visit another member’s profile. You will appear on their “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” page. Many marketers and entrepreneurs take advantage of this to catch the attention of prospects and potential connections. But if you want to stay hidden, here is how it’s done:

Move your cursor over your profile photo in the top right of the LinkedIn homepage. Click ‘Privacy & Settings,’ select Privacy and then click on ‘Profile viewing options’. From here, you will be able to select ‘Anonymous LinkedIn member’. There is also the option to hide your name while leaving a description of you and your industry.

It is important to know that browsing anonymously will also prevent you from seeing who has viewed your profile. Only view profiles anonymously when necessary.

Can You Visit Someone's LinkedIn Profile Without them being alerted?

Even if you change your settings to become completely anonymous on LinkedIn, people will still be alerted when you view their profile. They will receive a notification that someone is viewing their profile. But if you set it to anonymous, they would not see your name and headline, meaning they wouldn’t know who you are.

Benefits of Browsing Profiles Anonymously​

Browsing profiles anonymously on LinkedIn has its benefits. It is a useful tool when you are just starting out on LinkedIn and want to get a feel of how the social networking platform works. You can use it to check other people’s profiles and see how they are writing theirs—without attracting them to your own profile.

Some people use it to do research into their competition, or to just find out what other people are doing in their industry. Marketers and entrepreneurs sometimes do this to know if they are keeping up, getting ahead, or getting left behind by their competitors.

You can study other people’s profiles and get some inspiration so that you can improve yours. Just remember to set it back to public once your profile is all set. Being visible to others is far more beneficial especially for those who are looking to make more connections on LinkedIn.

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